the guild of jam preserve makers

The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers

Rosemary Jameson is the founder of The Guild, set up over ten years ago to support and advise the artisan preserve community and to create “one voice” giving artisans more power over decisions being made that affected them. So from small beginnings of just a handful of members it grew to steadily to represent over 600 members.

In 2018 Trading Standards entered into a Primary Authority Partnership with The Guild making the members unified under one authority - Cambridge - for Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Food standards Agency, Food Information for Consumers, Defra, Health & Safety and the Fire Service. This brings the considerable benefit of a cohesive approach from one source, providing legally assured advice for the artisan producer to rely on.

The Guild also provides training and mentorship and is continually writing and adding to the Knowledge Base of technical papers for use by members for their own improvement.
Members are kept up to date on changes in the regulations or other issues which may affect them via newsletters and social media - and their own digital magazine Simply Preserved.

The Guild is constantly innovating by developing services such as discounted bespoke insurance or label checking, always aiming at improving and maintaining high standards for artisan production.

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Preserving is something I have loved doing ever since I can remember – I have memories as a very small person helping my Mother to make jars of jam ready for the Winter.

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